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Shoggoths are hostile mobs that appear in ocean monuments. They have a 15% chance to drop an Eldritch Eye and a 48% chance to drop Eldritch Essence.

Omninomicon Entry

Servants of the mysterious Great Old One Cthulhu, Shoggoths use eldritch power to electrocute their opponents.


Upon seeing the player, a shoggoth will attempt to fire an electric bolt at them. Despite being capable of flight, shoggoths will usually stay underwater, and will only use this ability when brought out of the water by a player. If a damaging projectile is fired at a shoggoth, the shoggoth will teleport away.


The only attack shoggoths are capable of using is a lightning bolt that deals 8(Easy), 13(Normal), or 21(Hard) damage. Shoggoths are capable of using flight, which they sometimes use when outside of water, and teleportation, which they use to escape from damaging projectiles. They also do not drown when outside of water.


Elder Shoggoth

The Elder Shoggoth is a subspecies of shoggoth that has a stronger lightning bolt attack, dealing 11(Easy, 15(Normal), or 25(Hard) damage. However, this attack can only be used from up to 5 blocks away, while the base species' attack can be used from up to 10 blocks away. Elder Shoggoths appear to have glowing red eyes and tentacles growing out of their backs, and their lightning bolts are red rather than blue.